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Burlington VT Hotel Dining

Lakeview House

The Lakeview House offers American cuisine in a causal fine dining atmosphere. Lemuel Drew built the original structure of our restaurant in 1861, when this property was called Lake-View Farm. Lemuel Drew owned and managed hotels in the downtown Burlington area, and his Lake-View Farm provided fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. When his hotels were full or a road weary traveler stopped by they were welcomed into a beautiful home. We are trying to revive the spirit of this old house, so come sit, relax, and enjoy.

The dining room offers lunch and dinner menus that offer a variety of beef, chicken, and seafood items. The menus also accommodate vegetarians. The lounge area equipped with a full bar, TV's, and comfy chairs offers a pub menu or the dinner menu if you prefer. A children's menu is available throughout lunch and dinner. Banquet facilities are located upstairs from the dining room, offering plated and buffet menu options, or even just a classy atmosphere for a cocktail party.

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